Hi there bubble here here are some unusual and whopping dogs as a result of crossbreeding as some of them still don't have any names I will call them after their parents breed name.

Hybridization of dogs

If the Corgi and the shepherd dog are cross bred there would be the Korman Shepherd. 

But if the shepherd dog is cross bred with the English bulldog then we would call it the bull-aussie. 

Or for example the pug plus the poodle equals the Pugapoo. 

It's again the Pug cross bred with the Chihuahua it will be the chug. 

If you take the cow Chow and the German Shepherd you'll have the Shepherd Chow. 

The Siberian Husky and the Golden Retriever will give birth to the Goberian. 

The pug in the english bulldogge will have bullpug puppies. 

If the chaochao in the husky were cross bred there would be the Chusky. 

When we breed the Corgi with the Dalmatian we get the Corgi-Dalmatian. 

The result of crossing the husky with the pitbull is the pitski. 

A crossbreed between the Corgi and the poodle is commonly known as the Corgipoo. 

A cross between the yorkshire terrier in the toy poodle called the yorkipoo. 

After the Husky and had a good time with the Corgi the Horgi was born. 

Again a lovesick husky had a romantic affair with the Pomeranian a pomsky was the result. 

A cross between the poodle and the schnauzer is known as the Schnoodle. 

If the Pomeranian and the Australian Shepherd are cross bred there might be a fluffy toy dog. 

A crossbreed obtained by breeding the golden retriever with the poodle would be the goldendoodle. 

An intentional hybrid mix between the Australian Shepherd and the poodle is known as the Aussiedoodles. 

A crossbreed between the cocker spaniel and the pug gives us the dog breed of the cocker pug. 

The crossing of the Shetland Sheepdog with the Corgi will develop the Pembroke Sheltie. 

Sometimes the Beagle German Shepherd mix is called the Beagleman. 

A mixed dog coming from the breeding of the poodle and the weimar honor is the weimardoodle. 

And finally the dachshund mesmerized by the Dalmatian and you get Dalmachchund puppies.

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