Japanese Chin

Japanese Chin


20–25 cm at the shoulder



       This quiet breed was actually a favorite of the Ancient Chinese aristocracy before making its way into Japan and other parts of the world. The affectionate Japanese chin is believed to have been developed from the Beijing tribe, then King Knight Charles Spaniel.

       Coat and Grooming: 

The long coat comes in two, color varieties. Firstly, white with black patches, ‘mask’ and ears, and therefore, the rarer white, and red Colouring. A quick twice-weekly groom is needed.

       Environment and Exercise: 

Keep Chin comfortable inside. They do not have a high tolerance for freezing or hot weather. This is a moderately active dog. Its natural playfulness means it should enjoy an active game at least once or twice a week.

       Compatibility with Kids and other Pets: 

The babies are delicately cute only because these dogs are compassionate. In addition, it is very friendly with other dogs and pets.


This breed has no serious health concerns, although there has been some instances of Patellar luxations. Expect the Chin to live between 10–12 years

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