Health Benefits of Owning a Dog
some of the benefits of owning a dog are you pick Toby they bring a sense of being in the present to us because they live in the present they bring us into this moment when you're rubbing your dog's belly you can't be anywhere else but with your dog so the very easiest benefit of having a dog is being in the present with them studies show that having a dog can lower our blood pressure it's a benefit because they have a sense of playfulness wanting to be with us they tend to remote our blood pressure they're a wonderful companion for people with anxiety because they're able to do that for them as well they actually can trigger the production of oxytocin in our bodies so petting our dog interacting with our dog can create that oxytocin which is kind of a feel-good hormone people who own dogs tend to be more active you know it's that old guilt thing of seeing the dog on the couch or at our feet just wanting to go out and do something so we go to the backyard and take them for walk dog owners tend to be more social yes more social with other dog owners but that's also a benefit because interaction with other people is a health benefit to all of us isolation is not so good being with people even for short moments on with our dog is beneficial.

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